We welcome all donations!

However, contrary to some perceptions, the mission of PTAs and PTSAs is not fund-raising. We are primarily an advocacy group for your child’s educational experience.

Some of the things we do or wish to do require money. For example, funding or subsidizing: field trips, student events, teacher supplies and projects, etc.

We are able to do this via fund-raising and donations. If you wish, you can donate online via PayPal by clicking the “Donate” button below. All donations go directly to the Mission PTSA and are joined with existing funds to pay for or subsidize the types of things mentioned earlier.


We realize that not everybody has the financial means to make a donation.

It’s important to note that the Mission PTSA and the Mission community it serves values your time as much as money. Please consider donating your time to help out the Mission PTSA in its efforts on events and projects. We also invite you to serve on a Mission PTSA committee or as a PTSA officer.